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Torture by Police, Forced Disappearance

& Other Ill Treatment

In the early years of the 21st Century

Kingdom of Norway

The Norwegian economy is a prosperous bastion of welfare capitalism, featuring a combination of free market activity and government intervention. The government controls key areas, such as the vital petroleum sector, through large-scale state enterprises. The country is richly endowed with natural resources - petroleum, hydropower, fish, forests, and minerals - and is highly dependent on the petroleum sector, which accounts for nearly half of exports and over 30% of state revenue. [The World Factbook, U.S.C.I.A. 2009]


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Batons and Starlight Tours: Norwegian Police Accused of Breaking Anti-Torture Conventions

Shane Alexander Caldwell, Vice News, 16 February 2015

[accessed 30 March 2015]

The report also criticized the officers' use of a "drive-off," a notorious police practice euphemistically known as a "starlight tour." While acknowledging that police are allowed to remove individuals from an area as a law enforcement tool, it said that the drive-off in question was both unnecessary and went beyond the boundaries of what was permissible, leaving the man "quite far outside" the city limits.

Conclusions and recommendations of the Committee against Torture

U.N. Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment -- Doc. CAT/C/NOR/CO/5 (2008)

[accessed 4 March 2013]

Education on the prohibition against torture

11. While noting that different training programmes for police and prison officers, which cover human rights and rights of detainees, including the prohibition of torture, are systematically being held, the Committee regrets that there is no available information on the impact of the training on reducing incidents of violence and ill-treatment, including incidents that may be racially motivated.

The State party should ensure that through educational programmes, law enforcement personnel and justice officials are fully aware of the provisions of the Convention, applicable limitations on the use of force and the need to avoid any discriminatory treatment. Furthermore, the State party should develop and implement a methodology to assess the effectiveness and impact of relevant training programmes on the incidence of cases of torture, violence and ill-treatment.

Human Rights Reports 2005 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

U.S. Dept of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, March 8, 2006

[accessed 6 February 2013]

TORTURE AND OTHER CRUEL, INHUMAN, OR DEGRADING TREATMENT OR PUNISHMENT The law prohibits such practices, and there were no reports that government officials employed them.

Freedom House Country Report - Political Rights: 1   Civil Liberties: 1   Status: Free

2009 Edition

[accessed 6 February 2013]

The judiciary is independent, and the court system, headed by the Supreme Court, operates fairly at the local and national levels. The king appoints judges on the advice of the Ministry of Justice. The police are under civilian control, and there were no reports of human rights abuses committed by any domestic law enforcement authorities in 2008.Prison conditions generally meet international standards.

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Torture in [Norway] [other countries]
Human Trafficking in [Norway] [other countries]
Street Children in [Norway] [other countries]
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