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Human Trafficking

Prevalence, Abuse & Exploitation of Street Children

In the first decade of the 21st Century                                                 


Iceland's Scandinavian-type social-market economy combines a capitalist structure and free-market principles with an extensive welfare system, including generous housing subsidies. Prior to the 2008 crisis, Iceland had achieved high growth, low unemployment, and a remarkably even distribution of income.

A protracted recession is expected in 2009 and 2010 with GDP likely to contract and unemployment likely to surpass 10%.

Iceland's coalition government collapsed in January 2009 following protests over growing joblessness and losses to personal savings.  [The World Factbook, U.S.C.I.A. 2009]

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CAUTION:  The following links and accompanying text have been culled from the web to illuminate the situation in Iceland.  Some of these links may lead to websites that present allegations that are unsubstantiated or even false.  No attempt has been made to validate their authenticity or to verify their content.




If you are looking for material to use in a term-paper, you are advised to scan the postings on this page and others to see which aspect(s) of street life are of particular interest to you.  You might be interested in exploring how children got there, how they survive, and how some manage to leave the street.  Perhaps your paper could focus on how some street children abuse the public and how they are abused by the public … and how they abuse each other.  Would you like to write about market children? homeless children?  Sexual and labor exploitation? begging? violence? addiction? hunger? neglect? etc.  There is a lot to the subject of Street Children.  Scan other countries as well as this one.  Draw comparisons between activity in adjacent countries and/or regions.  Meanwhile, check out some of the Term-Paper resources that are available on-line.


Check out some of the Resources for Teachers attached to this website.

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Organizations Working With And On Behalf Of Street Children - Community Children

Pangaea Street Children - Community Children Worldwide Resource Library

[accessed 24 May 2011]


Soltún 24 (Sigtún 7)

105 Reykjavik


Tel (354) 561 0545

Fax (354) 561 0547

Secretary General: Kristín Jónasdóttir


Human Rights Reports » 2008 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices

U.S. Dept of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, February 25, 2009

[accessed 26 March 2020]

CHILDREN - The government was strongly committed to children's rights and welfare.

There were reports of abuse of children during the year. In 2007 the Agency for Child Protection received 1,586 reports of abuse, including 705 reports of emotional abuse, 462 of physical abuse, and 436 of sexual abuse. The agency operated four treatment centers and a diagnostic facility for abused and troubled minors and coordinated the work of 31 committees throughout the country that were responsible for managing child protection issues in their local areas. The local committees hired professionals with expertise in sexual abuse.


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