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Effects of Pandemic on Street Children

The first risk street children face during a pandemic is their high chance of being infected with the disease.  Staying at home plays an important role in reducing the spread of pandemics.  Street children can't stay home and stay safe if they have no home to live in.  They wander through narrow streets, looking for a safe place they could live to protect themselves from such diseases.  In the end, they sigh at their futile attempt.

Secondly, they pose a chance of suffering from severe hunger as a result of economic hardships.  Hunger is another indirect pandemic the world is facing today.  So many street children can't access food and water if they can't work on the street.  Street children depend on their meager earnings for food.  Since the people these children work for stay at home to protect themselves from the diseases, street children get little or no work to do.  No work implies no money and no money implies no food.  if this goes on for a long time, these children get weaker and lean each passing day and may resort to other unacceptable or immoral ways to survive.

Street Children

A country-by-country compilation of links to published articles concerning the prevalence, abuse and exploitation of children who live in the street.  A student writing a term paper related to SC could use a search engine to compile a similar list by himself - but to do that, he would have to work his way through tens of thousands of links that are not helpful.

Poverty & Hunger

Poverty sometimes drives children into the street.  Some choose the street to help support their family - others to relieve parents of the burden of care and support.  Learning about poverty helps to explain the prevalence of street children.


Pangea provides a collection of readings for those concerned about protecting and improving the lives of the world's street children-- our community children--and helping them to their full human potential.

Friends - International

A non-political, non-religious organization that was established in 1994 to support to street children, their families and their community worldwide. The objective of Friends-International is to support street children enabling them to become independent and productive adults in their society.  Friends-International develops projects for street children and supports organizations to initiate and develop their own.

Love's Bridge

Love's Bridge meets with children in their own environment, on the street, and gains their trust.  They run a day shelter where children can receive the care, attention, counsel and love that they need, in a situation that allows them to come and go freely.  The objective is to develop trust so that they can be encouraged to give up their addictions and resume their studies.

Lecture Resources

Published articles that may prove useful when preparing lectures and informative talks intended for youth and for the general public.  These articles are focused on the exploitation of runaways and were culled from Prof Patt's Human Trafficking Lecture-Resources page.