Torture by Police, Forced Disappearance & Other Ill Treatment

In the early years of the 21st Century


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This comprehensive collection of links to published articles and reports provides extensive support for anyone who may be researching the subject of officially-sanctioned torture and the plight of its victims.

It offers a valid representation of reports from across the globe, covering more than 180 countries, some more extensively than others depending on the availability of published materials from a variety of sources including news media, NGOs, government agencies, and advocacy groups. There is a host of high quality information, provided from a global perspective and includes both historical and recent events.

One element in the solution to the nearly universal practice of torture while in custody will come through education. If the topic can be integrated into secondary school and college curricula, a long-term solution will have begun. Broad-scale awareness achieved through the education of two or three generations is the surest way to induce systemic change. An enlightened society, broadly aware of the nature and scale of police torture, will not allow the practice to continue.

Educators are encouraged to use this material as they develop complementary resources for instructors, including explicit guidance on how to make best use of the Torture website in a classroom setting. Learning objectives would have to be formulated as well as activities that utilize the resources provided.