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How has COVID-19 impacted world poverty?

Despite recent trends of shrinking global inequality, the pandemic has reversed that trend and is plunging many poor countries into a deeper state of poverty.

About 97 million more people are living on less than $1.90 a day because of the pandemic, increasing the global poverty rate from 7.8% to 9.1%.

Globally, three to four years of progress toward ending extreme poverty are estimated to have been lost..

Poverty & Hunger - by the Numbers

Poverty has many faces, and among these it may be assessed by looking at production (GDP), unemployment, life expectancy, infant mortality, access to good drinking water, density of physicians, home-electrification, or simply percentage of the population falling below the poverty line.Country by country, this website presents some of those numbers, and more.

The Poverty of Nations

The pattern of squandered money holds for the top 10 recipients of IMF loans -- Brazil, Turkey, Argentina, Mťxico, South Korea, Russia, Indonesia, India, Philippines and Pakistan. This group has received between $3.6 billion (Pakistan) and $53 billion (Brazil) since 1958 (except for Russia, which didnít begin to receive loans until 1992). And now, after four decades of well-intentioned assistance, most of these countriesí economies remain repressed and poor.†† In most cases, though, the assistance hasnít helped. Why? Largely because recipients have failed to address the main causes of their economic ruin -- corruption, repressed economies, weak judicial systems and excessive state ownership of key enterprises.

Encyclopedia of the Nations

The Encyclopedia of the Nations is a complete source for detailed information about one hundred ninety three countries in the world, information about the United Nations and the associated agencies, and World Leaders.†† The detailed nation profiles are categorized by continent and alphabetically arranged and consist of information about each country such as the population, history, ethnic groups, culture, language, transportation, government structure, technology, and contain notes about museums, media, libraries, technology, and much more. We also have information about national economies of most countries in Africa, Americas, Asia and the Pacific, and Europe which include the overview of economy, economic sectors, agriculture, poverty and wealth, working conditions, imports, exports, manufacturing, and much more.

Poverty in America

Poverty in America is a social-action cause within the framework of boasting almost 200,000 members and exploring and publicizing issues and initiatives related to poverty in America.The umbrella organization raises awareness about important causes and empowers people to take action.

Lecture Resources

Published articles that may prove useful when preparing lectures and informative talks intended for youth and for the general public.They were culled from Prof Patt's Human Trafficking Lecture-Resources page.