An educational strategy to combat the prevalence, abuse and exploitation of street children by achieving broad-scale awareness through education.


Street Children

The Prevalence, Abuse & Exploitation of Street Children

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An Educational Strategy to Combat

The Prevalence, Abuse & Exploitation of Street Children

The UN has been attributed as estimating the population of street children worldwide at 150 million, with the number rising daily.Ranging in age from three to eighteen, about 40% are homeless, and the other 60% work on the streets to support their families.As a percentage of world population, this is unprecedented in the history of civilization.

Entrenched societal issues like the unfortunate Street Children problem can yield to well thought out, carefully planned efforts by dedicated leaders.One element in a long-term solution will come through education.The application of this strategy here calls for the development of sets of teaching/research tools that are suitable for use by teachers beginning at the middle school level.The website at offers the foundation for such a set of resources and can be used to facilitate inclusion of the topic, The Prevalence, Abuse & Exploitation of Street Children, into school curricula in graduated increments.

The strategy depends upon (indeed, encourages) replication.The 'how-toís are clearly spelled out in lesson plans, essay questions, and debate topics.In addition, some assistance is provided with the preparation of lectures via a set of background articles, anecdotes and the beginnings of a treasury of images.Long-term sustainability is assured.Once the subject of Street Children is brought into the classroom, it will be adapted and refined by the thousands of talented educators who will be teaching it.That is just the nature of things in the educational community.

By raising awareness of the tragic situation of children who make their home on the streets, it is hoped that governments will be urged to address the problems of street children and to take measures to restore their full participation in society.The children must be provided with adequate nutrition, shelter, health care and education, and their rights and fundamental freedoms must be respected.Broad-scale awareness achieved through education is the surest way to induce long-term, systemic change.An enlightened society will not allow this tragic situation to continue.