Street Children

The Prevalence, Abuse & Exploitation of Street Children

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1.      Children making their home on the street is a natural consequence of poverty that has a history dating back thousands of years and we should not concern ourselves with it.

2.      The major cause of homelessness is laziness on the part of the victims who accept the street as their home rather than submit to the expectations of society.

3.      Rounding up street children and detaining them in work-training camps until adulthood would result in their eventual rehabilitation and reintegration within society.

4.      Children are attracted to the street where expectations are low, life is easy, and drugs are plentiful.

5.      Children’s rights are protected, even when they are homeless and sleeping in the street.

6.      The rigors of fending for themselves on the street make children strong, healthy and vigorous.  They return to their families ruddy cheeked, poised and self confident.