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No Human Trafficking Cases In Brunei: US State Department

Rosli Abidin Yahya, Borneo Bulletin, Bandar Seri Begawan , March 11, 2006

[accessed 1 September 2011]

Since February last year, the Labour Department has brought cases directly against employers who did not pay their workers. Formerly, such cases were brought by the Attorney General's Office and took much longer to prosecute. In March last year a military, officer was tined approximately $4,000 (B$6,668) or a jail sentence in default for not paying his maid for more than 23 months.

Further mentioned in the annual report was the government's intervention in labour disputes. Supporting this was when in September approximately 300 garment factory workers protested publicly over unpaid salaries of up to 6 months.

Employers have been warned that they would be prosecuted if they defaulted on workers' salary payments or paid them late.

In September the government filed charges for non-payment of wages against the board of directors of the factory that employed the garment workers; among the accused was a former cabinet minister.




Joining on Somaly Mams Brothel Bust

Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times, November 12, 2011

[accessed 13 November 2011]

The other reaction that people sometimes have is resignation, the sense that forced prostitution is as inevitable as it is evil. On the contrary, Im struck every time I visit Cambodia how much improvement there is. In Poipet, most of the brothels are now shut down, and one trafficker there whom Ive known for years is now reduced to selling lottery tickets because kidnapping girls and selling their virginity is just too dangerous. There was one police-run brothel in Poipet that I thought would never close because of its connections, but it is now just a plain vanilla hotel. Sure, theres still prostitution in Poipet and no doubt some children are still held in cages and sold to buyers but much, much less often than before. And this change came about because of international pressure from the United States and other governments, from news organizations, and from NGOs.




Ghanas rating on human trafficking improves

Ghana Broadcasting Corp, 19 Nov 2011

[accessed 19 Nov 2011]

She said two thousand people were sensitised on human trafficking in the Yendi and Kete Krachi Districts. She also indicated that two hundred children have been provided with school materials and another three hundred are yet to be supplied.

Mrs Azumah-Mensah also talked about the emerging trends of abuse against children which she said, has risen from 851 in 2009 to nine-hundred and twenty-two in 2010. She said her Ministry is undertaking a comprehensive research to abolish harmful socio-cultural practices.



Hong Kong

Action for REACH OUT - Hotline 852 2770-1002

[accessed 26 January 2016] and

[accessed 29 January 2018]

NATURE OF SERVICES: OUTREACH -As a client driven organization we are constantly creating, adding and/or modifying our services, based upon what our clients have expressed as helpful and/or necessary. Presently, we are helping women with the following:

       information on HIV/AIDS

       limited legal advice

       accompanying women through the police and legal system

       giving information on support groups in women's home countries

We have a Hotline that is open two nights a week for three hours a night, staffed by trained volunteers. The Hotline is open to all women working in the commercial sex industry (CSI) who need advice, counselling or just an open, non-judgmental person to talk to. Additionally a pager is held by a trained volunteer 24 hours a day to handle any emergencies. We organize face-to-face outreaches with the women in Mong Kok, Shamshuipo, Tsim Sha Tsui and other districts.




Peres slams human trafficking in Israel

Ronen Medzini, Israel News, 03.29.2009,7340,L-3694030,00.html

[accessed 14 February 2011]

"The fact that this loathsome disease exists in a Jewish state is a disgraceful stain on the most basic commandments of our legacy," President Shimon Peres said at a state ceremony honoring activists against human trafficking on Sunday evening.

"There is no people that sees liberation the transition from slavery to freedom as such a pivotal moment in its history as we do, said Peres, in reference to the coming Passover holiday. "There is nothing more outrageous than the oppression of women and coercion into prostitution, than taking cruel advantage of people in need or the abuse of foreign laborers who have no standing or rights."




Nations Make Progress Against Trafficking in Persons, U.S. Finds

Charlene Porter, Bureau of International Information Programs, U.S. Department of State, 14 June 2004

[accessed 7 October 2013]

The world's most comprehensive report on trafficking in persons shows governments are making some progress in their responses to this form of organized criminal activity -- often called modern-day slavery -- with stronger laws, increased convictions and greater protections for victims.

Consistent with its objective of inspiring action against human trafficking, the TIP report also issues praise for localities that have adopted "best practices" in their strides to prevent trafficking, provide for victims or prosecute traffickers themselves. Panama has passed a law that requires businesses in the tourist industry to inform travelers about laws against child pornography and sex tourism. The city of Madrid has taken strides to reduce both prostitution and trafficking by targeting the customers of these illicit endeavors, while at the same time engaging in prevention and victim assistance efforts.

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