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The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

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Title - The Prevalence of Child Prostitution in the World Today - Introduction

Unit Topic: Sociology

Grade: 12 and above

Lesson Topic: The Prevalence of Child Prostitution in the World Today

Primary Method Used: Cooperative Learning

Lesson Objectives: Students will be able to:

1.      Define the term, prostitute

2.      Identify the main causes for children engaging in prostitution

3.      Discuss the extent of the problem in the world, today

4.      Outline the main points for the countries assigned to their group

Equipment and Supplies Needed (for homework):

PC access to the Child Prostitution website []

Anticipatory Set: The anticipatory set for this lesson will be a brief discussion of how the revelation of a tragic social situation can lead to societal change. The set will include an overview of some of the activities of non-governmental organizations that are working to rescue children from a life of prostitution. The anticipatory set will serve to enforce the concept that social change can be realized when people band together to form grassroots organizations to solve problems.

Sequence of Learning Activities:

1.      Anticipatory set

2.      Break into groups one group per geographic region

3.      Discuss the objectives of this group project. Design grading rubric

4.      Assign sections of responsibility to each group

Assignments: Each group will receive a specific list of countries from the Child Prostitution website as their area of responsibility. Each group will receive two days to work together in order to present the results of their assigned research to the rest of the class. Each group will, during their presentation, cover Lesson Objectives 2, 3, & 4 (above) for their assigned countries, and suggest possible action plans.

Closure: The lesson will conclude with each group being graded during their presentations according to the rubric designed in class.