Child Prostitution

The Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children

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Essay Questions

1.       In 2005, listed the top-10 poorest countries in the world as follows: East Timor, Somalia, Sierra Leone, Malawi, Tanzania, Burundi, Republic of the Congo, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Comoros, and Eritrea.  Furthermore, listed the top-10 richest countries in the world: Luxembourg, Norway, United States, San Marino, Switzerland, Denmark, Iceland, Austria, Canada, and Ireland.  How does a poor country compare to a rich one with respect to the prevalence of child prostitution?

2.       List three major factors that drive a child to prostitution.  How do they contribute and how might they be mitigated?

3.       Is there a relationship between child pornography and child prostitution?  Why do campaigns to eliminate prostitution feel that it is beneficial to fight pornography as well?

4.       Should the publication and viewing of virtual child pornography be forbidden?  (e.g. cartoons, computer-generated graphics, etc.)

5.       How does a repressive society compare to a free society with respect to the prevalence of child prostitution?

6.       How does a secular country compare to a religious state with respect to the prevalence of child prostitution?

7.       Compare and contrast the pervasiveness of child prostitution in Russia and in the USA.

8.       How would the legalization (decriminalization) of prostitution impact the sex industry in general?  How would decriminalization affect child prostitution and the trafficking of children for purposes of sexual exploitation?